Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400
Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400


Finally, Samsung has launched a new smartphone with AI Samsung Galaxy S24 Unboxing & First Impressions. This time it’s a little interesting, the base & plus variants. Because the processor in this is Exynos 2400. And the Ultra is obviously on the 8th Gen 3 By the way, I’ll tell you one more thing, the S24 Plus & S24 base variants, if you compare them with the S23, there are a lot of differences. I’ll say that the S24 Plus is closer to the Ultra with the same pricing. It’s going to be interesting & I’ll tell you everything. 

What comes with the box of Samsung Galaxy S24

In the Black box, thin & small box. There’s documentation & there’s no case. There’s a USB Type C to Type C cable. And you have the SIM card tool. That’s about it, let’s keep it aside & look at the phone.

Design & build quality


The design and build quality are very impressive It’s an Armour Aluminium frame. Along with the S24 Plus, let’s quickly look at the S24 base variant.  looks very good! Let me tell you, the S23 was one of the best flagships for compact flagships in 2023. I think it’s going to be the best compact flagship for 2024. It feels so good as soon as you hold it. There’s nothing on the left & right. On the top, there’s a noise-canceling microphone. There are 2 microphones just like the Ultra. And on the right, there’s a volume rocker & power on-off button. The SIM card tray is a dual nano SIM card. But there’s an interesting thing about it. It has 2 eSIM support.

Battery & charging

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

It has a 4900mAh battery & the S24 Plus has a 5000mAh battery. So the battery has increased from 200mAh to 196g. So it’s not very heavy for sure. Battery It has increased from 200mAh to 4900mAh. Charging is also increased, it has 45W fast charging. The base variant has 25W, but the battery has increased from 100mAh. You get wireless charging in all 3 variants of 15W & reverse wireless charging too. You get IP68 certification in all 3 variants

SIM & connectivity support

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

The SIM card tray is a dual nano SIM card. But there’s an interesting thing about it. It has 2 eSIM support. Or you can add 2 physical SIM cards, 1 SIM & 1 eSIM. If you want, you can add 2 eSIMs too. So that is there, just like the Ultra. So we’ve looked at the phone from the outside, let’s look at it from the inside. But I’ll tell you what, I like this. I like this. Talking about the display, it has increased in comparison to the S23.


It has Wi-Fi 7 & it has Wi-Fi 6. It supports all 5G bands, no problem. It supports Bluetooth 5.3 & it has VoNR, so all those things are there. VoNR is a good thing. It also supports NFC. Sensors It has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, face unlock & all other sensors are there. It’s a flagship,


it has USB 3.2 Gen 1. All 3 variants have USB 3.2 Gen 1. which comes with an ultra-fast data transfer rate and higher speed than other smartphones

Display & frame rate

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

The display has increased from 0.1″. The base variant had 6.1″, and now it’s 6.2″. It was 6.6″, but the footprint is very similar. So that is good because the bezels are very thin. Just look at these bezels. It’s the same size everywhere, the chin is also very thin. Very very thin bezels. And yes, the resolution of the display has also increased.
It also has a QHD+, 2K display. The brightness has also increased from 800-900 nits. Earlier it was 1,750 nits, now it’s 2600 nits. So it’s a more brighter panel. And it has HDR10 support, so absolutely no problems there. Talking about the processor & performance, we’ve noticed some interesting things.


we got a frame rate of 58FPS. Which again is very good. In the highest settings, you can play all the other games. I don’t know why the BGMI is at 60FPS & not 90FPS. And the performance bump that we got, one of the reasons is that it has AMD’s GPU. XClips 940. This is the GPU which works well.


The most important thing that has changed is Exynos. I’m ok with Exynos 2400. We thought so, but it gives a good performance. Especially if I talk about the plus. The AnTuTu score on the paper is about 1.8M. It’s not that far, if I compare it with the 8th Gen 3, it’s 90%’s visible in the performance too. We ran the CPU throttle test & I was expecting a lot of throttle, but no.


The throttle is up to 81-82%, which is a very respectable number. According to me, it impressed me. 81-82% is really good. And remember, we do intensive CPU throttle tests. Some test for 30 minutes, some for 15 minutes. This is a Deca-Core processor. All other octa-core processors are Deca-Core.

We do it for 30 minutes & it’s intensive. And the results come after that. Yes, there’s a lot of throttle in the base. The thermals are also a bit hot. It goes up to 45 degrees & it cools down as well. The vapor cooling chamber has increased. All are in Ultra Plus & Base. So the heat dissipation is good.

Os & UI

Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

Talking about the OS, it has One UI 6.1, which is based on Android 14. And yes, you get 7 years of major updates & 7 years of security updates. And yes, you get all the AI features in the Ultra. You get all the features in this & the base variant as well. Whether it is Live Translate, yes you get it in this, no problems.

AI Feature

You can create Generative AI wallpapers. You can do Generative Film in Photo Editing. And Live Translate is not only for calls, you can also summarize & translate text. AI is being used in all the first-party apps. All the 3, Base & Adult. And I liked the integrated search. In Ultra, you do it with S Pen, but in this, Circle To Search.
You can do whatever you want to search with your finger. And you’ll find it immediately, there & there. And the good thing is, 90% of the things are on-device. You don’t have to go to the cloud. Only when you’re filming a photo, does it go to the cloud & come back. It takes some time, but other than that, everything happens in a snap Multimedia.

Display Performance

It has HDR10+, so you can stream on Netflix. It has an amazing display & it’s a very bright panel. It has a Samsung display & the audio is good. The stereo speakers are loud & the quality is good. Multimedia, thumbs up, no problem.


Let me tell you, the last time Exynos came in the S21 series. The S21 base variant. And after 2 years, it’s coming in the S24. So if I compare it with the previous generation, the CPU is 1.7X faster. And yes, there’s a 1.6X bigger vapor cooling chamber. We were gaming too. We played Genshin Impact for 30 minutes. if we test the Ray Tracing on the Exynos 2400, I think it works better. We’ll have to do more intensive tests. There are no Ray Tracing games available, but we’ve tested it. The score on the Ray Tracing Benchmark is good. The games look smoother too as there’s FSR. It’s an AI-based upscaling.

Storage & ram

Talking about the variants, the base variant has 8GB RAM & 256GB storage. The base variant has 12GB RAM & 256GB storage. The upper variant has 12GB RAM & 512GB storage. It has LPDDR5X RAM type & UFS 4.0 storage type.


Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ Quick Review⚡️Exynos 2400

 Alright, let’s talk about the cameras. I was expecting a difference in the cameras as the ISP & processor are different. So I thought the processing would be different. But if I compare it with the S23+, the cameras perform well. it has a 50MP primary sensor. Then there’s a 12MP ultrawide lens & a 10MP telephoto lens that gives you 3X optical zoom. Both have the same setup in the base & plus. The selfie is of 12MP. Video Graphics You can shoot 4K 60FPS with all the front & rear sensors. There’s also a 8K 30FPS mode.
And just like you could shoot 4K 120FPS in Ultra, you can shoot Full HD 120FPS in this. And just like we always do, there are different photos & videos in different conditions in the original quality.

Price And Availability

Let’s talk about the pricing. Again, there’s a similar pricing in comparison to the S23. The base variant starts from Rs 79,999 & this is Rs 99,999. But in pre-orders, you get a total benefit of Rs 22K. In the plus variant, you get the Rs 10K upgrade in place of Rs 256K.
In the base variant, you get offers of Rs 15K. I’m showing you all the details on the screen. So finally, what do we think about the S24 Plus? The processor was the main thing we were focusing on. And all the tests that we’ve done, it has passed all the tests. So you know what, this is a good package for sure.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S24 & S24+ are poised to be game-changers in the smartphone industry. With their sleek design, powerful performance, advanced camera features, and innovative technology, these devices offer a compelling smartphone experience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the Galaxy S24 & S24+ have something to offer for everyone.

Unique FAQs

  1. Q: Will the Exynos 2400 processor improve gaming performance on the Galaxy S24 & S24+?
    • A: Yes, the Exynos 2400 processor offers improved gaming performance, ensuring smooth gameplay and faster loading times.
  2. Q: Are the Galaxy S24 & S24+ water-resistant?
    • A: Yes, both devices are IP68 certified, making them water and dust-resistant for added durability.
  3. Q: Can the camera of the Galaxy S24 & S24+ capture 8K videos?
    • A: Yes, the advanced camera system of these devices supports 8K video recording for stunning video quality.
  4. Q: Does the Galaxy S24 & S24+ support wireless charging?
    • A: Yes, both devices come with wireless charging support for added convenience.
  5. Q: What are the color options available for the Galaxy S24 & S24+?
    • A: Samsung offers a range of color options for these devices, including classic and trendy choices to suit different preferences

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