Samsung Bespoke Jet review

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023
Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023 1


Samsung has once again delivered a masterpiece that redefines elegance and comfort in the aviation business in the fast-paced world of technological progress. In a single package, the Samsung Bespoke Jet has taken flight, encapsulating the essence of luxury and cutting-edge technology. In-depth analysis of this marvel’s features, design, performance, and promised seamless experience are covered in this review.

welcome to vacuum Wars and to our review of the Samsung bespoke jet cordless vacuum it’s Samsung’s new flagship cordless vacuum which has a ton of advanced specs and features it also happens to be the most expensive cordless vacuum I reviewed so far we bought one and put it through all kinds of tests this week to see if it was worth the hype and spoiler alert I kind of think it is.

Basic and design of Samsung Bespoke Jet

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023
Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023 2

The first basics of the Samsung bespoke jet comes in three different color options the most obvious characteristic is probably the new clean station design which acts as a charger and as a stand and where with the touch of a button it will empty the contents of the Dust bin into a disposable bag it’s also the first Samsung to have the new jet dual brush design with a soft roller in the front for improved seal and performance on hard floors

Power and performance

it has the most raw suction at the base on max power of any cordless vacuum I’ve tested yet more than any Dyson or shark or anything else at least according to our results its unsealed suction at the head and airflow at the head and base were also significantly above average giving it top-notch performance results as a handheld as well as with things like the crevice pickup

test another Pro was the aforementioned jet dual brush design which combines a soft roller with a traditional brush roller in one head the primary benefit of this is that it creates a near perfect seal on Floors while still allowing large debris to be picked up so it’s generally much better for hard floors than traditional vacuums are it also means you can transition two carpets from hard floors or vice versa without changing settings or changing the entire head like with Dyson soft rollers making it a much better experience

Features of Samsung Bespoke Jet

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023
Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023 3

Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Hard Floors

if you have a mix of hard floors and carpets in your home in our pickup tests I found it to be almost as good as it gets on carpets picking up everything from fine to extra large debris with no issues at all and with hard floors it was so much better than the average cordless vacuum basically dusting fine debris and picking up nearly everything we threw at it it did seem to have a limit which was some of the larger Fruit Loops so not perfect but very close and more on that later it was also really good at vacuuming deep down embedded dirt and carpets scoring well

Carpet Deep Clean Test

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023
Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023 4

in our deep clean test this is something that these soft roller combo head vacuums have struggled with in the past so I was glad to see it performed so well with carpet deep cleaning as well as with surface debris pickup one big Pro for me was its ease of use its handle was lighter than average much lighter than the Dyson v11 or v15

Handheld Vacuum

it’s handle shape and weight distribution made it noticeably easier to use on both hard floors and carpets as well as in handheld mode speaking of handheld mode as I mentioned it has a ton of suction power which makes it particularly good with handheld cleaning and Samsung has provided exceptionally high quality attachments with this model a dusting brush slash claw Tool Combo and expandable crevice tool a motorized turbo brush and an adjustable adapter for use in hard to reach places and because of that shorter profile and higher suction it’s one of the few cordless stick vacuums

Battery Life and charging time

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023
Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023 5

it has good battery life it can get about an hour on low power with no attachments and 40 minutes on low power with the cleaner head attached you can see this chart for some of the other options I would probably use it on medium power most of the time which would be about 24 minutes per charge and if you doubled that number because it does come with an extra battery and battery charger it would give you about 48 minutes of vacuuming time on average it also has a very accurate battery life

Display Screen

display screen on the handle which tells you exactly how much time you have left on that battery and it changes depending on which attachment you’re using it has a top of the line sealed HEPA filtration system which you only see with the very best cordless vacuums and it passed all of our tests with perfect scores

Quiet Vacuum

Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023
Luxury Unleashed: Samsung Bespoke Jet Review 2023 6

it was quieter than average in our noise tests which is notable because it was so much more powerful than normal so Samsung must be doing doing something right with motor efficiency or sound insulation the clean station itself was a pro in addition to looking pretty cool it has a really strong motor in the base that clears out the debris in the bin very effectively the benefit being it’s a no hassle and very hygienic way to empty the bin as the base itself also has a very good filtration system

it can’t all be good stuff though so let’s move on to the cons one thing is that the bags are disposable so you do have to buy bags for the base periodically these are reasonably priced and there are plenty in stock currently but it is a consideration another thing is that all that power in handheld mode does come at a cost of pretty low run times

Max Power and Hair Tangles

when using it in max power which they call Jet mode but as I mentioned it does come with an extra battery which gives you a little more room to work with the handheld motorized brush was good overall but it would stall out if too much pressure was put on it so not as useful for deep cleaning it was decent with resisting hair Tangles only getting some of the 14 inch hair stuck on the roller which is better than average the though many of its competitors.

in this price range have started to have anti-hair wrap technology on the roller where this one does not one interesting thing was that the soft roller in the front was not motorized meaning it doesn’t spin independently it rolls when you roll it on the floor but it doesn’t spin by itself like with the shark Duo cleans you still get the benefit of a good seal and Superior hard floor performance but it’s not as good with things like large piles of debris like the sharks are of course the price is probably the biggest con with the Samsung bespoke jet

Price comparisons

it is the most expensive cordless vacuum we’ve bought yet but it’s not too far off from say the Dyson v15 in terms of price and it seems to me that you do get a lot more bang for the buck with the Samsung including a better handheld experience ahead you don’t have to change depending on the floor type very comparable power and battery life and extra battery as well as all the features you only see on the best of the best cordless vacuums


The Samsung Bespoke Jet is the undisputed leader in the field of opulent travel and is a perfect example of how innovation and luxury can coexist. The Bespoke Jet redefines aviation perfection with its stunning design, unmatched amenities, technical prowess, and extraordinary performance. You are not just flying when you board this wonder; you are living in the height of unrestricted luxury.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Bespoke Jet Worth It?

The pinnacle of elegance and modern technology in the aviation sector is the Samsung Bespoke Jet. Its value is based on a number of aspects that appeal to a certain market segment looking for unmatched comfort, ease, and cutting-edge technology. Here are some reasons why the Bespoke Jet could be deemed worthwhile

1. Unmatched Luxury: The Bespoke Jet caters to high net worth people and others who appreciate exclusivity, offering an unusually opulent travel experience, from its painstakingly built interiors to its personalized services.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology: The seamless connection, entertainment, and comfort provided by Samsung’s integration of cutting-edge technologies during flights improves the whole travel experience.

3. Customization: The ability to customize the interiors according to individual preferences adds a personal touch, making the experience truly unique for each passenger.

4. Performance and Efficiency: The jet’s impressive performance, fuel efficiency, and range make it suitable for both short-haul and long-haul flights, providing flexibility in travel plans.

5. Prestige and Status: Owning or traveling in a Bespoke Jet carries a certain level of prestige and status, appealing to those who value making a statement with their travel choices.

Is Samsung Jet a Good Vacuum?

The term “Samsung Jet” could refer to various products, including vacuum cleaners from Samsung’s Jet series. When evaluating whether a Samsung Jet vacuum is good, consider the following aspects:

1. Performance: Samsung’s Jet vacuums often feature strong suction power and advanced cleaning technologies, ensuring effective dirt and debris removal from different surfaces.

2. Versatility: Depending on the model, Samsung Jet vacuums may come with attachments and modes suitable for various surfaces like carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery.

3. Battery Life: Cordless models within the Jet series offer convenience with their portability, but the battery life may vary based on usage and model.

4. Features: Look for features such as HEPA filtration for effective dust and allergen removal, smart controls, and ease of maintenance.

5. Reviews: Reading user reviews and expert opinions can provide insights into the vacuum’s real-world performance, durability, and overall value.

How Much is the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI?

Based on elements like customisation, extra features, and market circumstances, the price of the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI might vary considerably. Due to its uniqueness, the Bespoke Jet AI is probably a high-end luxury item, and the precise cost could not be publicly known. For exact price information, potential customers should get in touch with Samsung or authorized dealers.

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