lenovo ideapad slim pro 7

Master Your Digital World: How the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 Redefines Performance

Master Your Digital World: with Lenovo IdeaPad Slim Pro 7

lenovo ideapad slim pro 7
Lenovo Ideapad Slim Pro 7


  • Sleek and slim design
  • High-performance processor
  • Vibrant display with powerful graphics
  • Long battery life with fast charging
  • Versatile connectivity options


  • The trackpad could be more responsive
  • Some users experience issues with software optimization
After spending several months debating whether I wanted to buy the 2022 model of this laptop right here I kept saying to myself maybe I should wait for the refresh to come out and here’s the refresh here this is kind of something of like a white whale for me so this one here is the Lenovo slim Pro 7 uh for 2023 I think internationally it’s also known as the yoga as well but in here in Canada and us it’s called the Lenovo slim Pro 7.
this is the 2023 refresh the 14-inch model here is going to be something like a Macbook so if you look at it here it’s a quite thin kind of MacBook-style design with a metal chassis so it has the MacBook kind of vibe to it it’s a little bit heavier than you might think it’s 3.
5 pounds is certainly not heavy by any means it has a glass touchscreen.

Design and build quality

lenovo ideapad slim pro 7 DESIGN

it’s a very very thin laptop it’s not going to show up on camera because it never does very very thin like finger thick super thin laptop on the front doesn’t get much bigger on the back either there’s a little bit of like ledge there it is not a thick laptop this is like MacBook Pro thickness all metal chassis metal top metal bottom.
so it’s not the lightest laptop in the world not by any means for two reasons one it’s all metal for two there’s a lot inside of this laptop the specs of this machine are quite impressive, to be honest, so it would be more in line of the weight of a MacBook Pro than a MacBook Air they’re around three pounds depending on how you expect them out they’re around three pounds.

Processor and Graphics card overview

it’s all metal build you also get dedicated graphics in here so, of course, they have to add some extra copper to cool that which does add to the weight a little bit last year’s model came with the 6800 H from AMD for the processor and the third RTX 30 54 gigabyte GPU this year
it is refreshed it does have the same CPU so they call it now the 7735 HS which is a 6800 H it’s just rebranded from AMD you know how confusing that is 7735 HS the archery graphics for 2022. were just 4 gigabytes
it was a 3050 which for you know Studio based work should be fine however this year this year’s model has the full refresh for 2023 which has the 6  gigabytes 3050. Gamers although it obviously can game it’s got this RTX Studio driver so it’s more of like a hybrid device or more of a professional type device personally.
I love hybrid devices that you know are super Sleek unassuming kind of like a professional almost MacBook type 5 you take it to a meeting and then when you’re done you go to a coffee shop or whatever and you fire up your favorite game and you can play with good settings as well beyond that studio tag there are some other hints that

Display And touchscreen overview

lenovo ideapad slim pro 7

make this obvious that it’s a studio or you know meet content creator type laptop this is a 14.5-inch screen um it may seem a little smaller because it has such tiny bezels there are two screen offerings this is the 2K screen which is 1600p equivalent to 1440p but you have a slightly higher aspect ratio than a 16 by 9 you get 16 by 10 so it’s 1600 p on this screen here they also offer a 3K version of this the 2K model right here has 350 nits the 3K model has 400 in it so they’re both pretty bright, to be honest for people
who likes touchscreen-based devices uh it’s a touch screen it’s a very responsive touchscreen as well as glass this one has 100 srgb the 3K model has 100 dcip so slightly better colors but both of them are going to be excellent for Content creation and professional work.
then I integrated Graphics that are more than capable 680m Graphics from AMD are getting more than enough to do day-to-day tasks even gaming on them technically and the 7735 HS is also very efficient so you should get a really good battery life out of this laptop.

Power and charger type

Now one thing to note is while it does have a 30 50 and a 7735 HS in here it’s not gonna be the most powerful variant of those chips again this only supports 140 Watts over USB-C which is pretty impressive but it’s also a very thin chassis so they’re not going to slap in the largest highest wattage variants of them the Lenovo log that I reviewed recently has a 3056-gigabyte refresh but that one can go up to 95 Watts this one here only boosts up to well it says 75 but I think it’s around

I/O POrts

lenovo ideapad slim pro 7 I/O PORTS

Let’s have a look at the ports here uh USBC USBC uh that says charging I’m pretty sure you can use both but uh you’ll have power delivery on this one here so if you’re going to be powering out to a monitor or something that’s the way to go HDMI right there I’ll put this back on the screen this is a very new laptop to me so we’ll put this back on the screen there HDMI nothing on the back obviously and then on the flip side you get a legacy Port USB a headphone microphone combo Jack power and Camera kill switch but you also get an HDMI kind of crazy to be honest like this laptop is Tiny I think they put the HDMI because it has dedicated RTX Graphics so you know if you’re putting out to display typically you’re going to want to use the HDMI you can use these but typically you’ll want to use the HDMI so immediately

Vantage and Overclocking

I show it in all my videos there are things you can do to rapidly charge uh if you’re leaving your laptop plugged in all the time you can go conservation mode then you’re going to get 75 to 80 it’ll charge up to that won’t fully charge your battery all the time if it’s plugged in all the time and in theory having your battery sit at 75 to 80 all the time is going to help the life of the battery be prolonged over just leaving it at 100 charged all the time oh there’s a thing here called performance boost I’ve never seen this before it’s probably suspended uh apps and things like that so you know if you’re gaming it’ll suspend other apps if you’re doing you know Photoshop and that it’ll suspend other apps.


you get three you know performance modes just like the Legion laptop same idea performance intelligent cooling battery this is balanced it has GPU overclocking a lot of the laptops from previous years didn’t have this and all of a sudden in 2023 all of their laptops have overclocking which is incredible so this is their base I guess you can add 20 megahertz to the GPU clock which will make a difference on a 3050 absolutely and more importantly you can overclock the vram you can disable your dedicated graphics and just run on the igpu with this laptop.

Keyboard and Trackpad

it looks more like a Legion keyboard to be honest than it does like an IdeaPad if you’ve had an IdeaPad they share a lot of similarities but the idea to pad typically is a smaller keycap like quite literally the keycap itself and the travel is smaller I have my Legion 7 gen 8 over here this looks like my Legion 7 gen 7 AMD the color looks the same the keycaps look the same and it looks to be like my Legion 7 gen 7 which is a nice keyboard so let’s give this a typing test here just get it set up and we’ll type something out um for a thin and light laptop I’m going to say this right now for a thin and light laptop this is the best keyboard I’ve ever typed on in my entire life objectively

Battery Life and Charging

BATTERY LIFE lenovo ideapad slim pro 7

Say goodbye to frequent charging with the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7’s impressive battery life. Designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle, it offers extended usage time on a single charge. Additionally, its fast charging technology ensures that you spend less time tethered to a power outlet and more time on the go.

Software and Operating System

The IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 comes pre-installed with the latest software and operating system, ensuring a seamless and up-to-date user experience out of the box. Whether you’re browsing the web, editing documents, or playing games, you’ll have access to a wide range of software and applications to meet your needs.

Security Features

Protect your valuable data and personal information with the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7’s advanced security features. From biometric authentication to software-based security measures, it offers multiple layers of protection to safeguard your privacy and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Price and Value

Despite its premium features and high-end specifications, the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 offers excellent value for money compared to its competitors. With its competitive pricing and impressive performance, it’s a smart investment for anyone in the market for a reliable and feature-rich laptop.


is a very capable laptop for gaming even though it’s a thin Ultra Book designed for portability and Studio style video editing and professional type work you can do some serious gaming on this laptop so my takeaway of the 2023 refresh of the Slim Pro 7 with the 3050 2023 refresh six gigabytes it’s an absolute winner in my books amazing keyboard amazing trackpad all metal design it instills confidence good speakers.

to be honest beautiful screen you can see me reflected right in it nice touch screen you know if you don’t like glossy touch screens then that’s won’t be your thing but I think it looks quite nice it’s very very Vivid beautiful colors the nice thing is as well for people who are going to be looking at this type of laptop hybrid users you get those Studio Graphics here which they did prove to be very effective when it comes to video editing but even in gaming even in gaming as well despite the low wattage of the CPU and the GPU you have to get really good gaming performance.


  1. Is the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 suitable for gaming?
    • While the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 offers capable graphics performance, it’s not specifically designed for gaming. However, it can handle casual gaming and light gaming tasks with ease.
  2. Does the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 come with a warranty?
    • Yes, Lenovo offers a standard warranty with the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7, providing coverage for hardware defects and malfunctions.
  3. Can the RAM be upgraded in the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7?
    • The IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 comes with soldered RAM, meaning it cannot be upgraded after purchase. However, it’s available in various configurations with different RAM capacities.
  4. Does the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 support external displays?
    • Yes, the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 features HDMI outputs and USB-C ports that support external displays for enhanced productivity and multitasking.
  5. What operating system does the IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 run on?
    • The IdeaPad Slim Pro 7 typically comes pre-installed with the latest version of the Windows operating system, offering a familiar and user-friendly experience.

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