Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 - Unleash the Power

Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023

asus tuf 4090 review - Unleash the Power
Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 1

Asus tuf 4090 review

We’d like to welcome you to our thorough evaluation of the Asus Tuf 4090 review. We will examine this high-performance graphics card’s fine details in this article, examining its cutting-edge features, outstanding performance, and overall value for gamers and enthusiasts alike. This review will provide you with the information you need to make an informed selection if you want to keep on top of gaming trends.

The RTX 4090 is targeted towards gamers and professionals who demand the best performance and visual fidelity in their gaming experiences. It is ideal for enthusiasts who want to play games at 4K resolution with maximum settings, as well as content creators who work with graphics-intensive applications such as video editing and 3D rendering.

Power Usage Of Asus TUF Gaming

asus tuf 4090 review Unleash the Power
Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 2

The power consumption of the ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 is an important consideration for gamers. While it is a high-performance graphics card, it has been designed to optimize power efficiency. The card utilizes advanced power management techniques and features NVIDIA’s new power-saving technologies.

Under typical gaming loads, the RTX 4090 consumes approximately X watts of power. This means that it requires a robust power supply to ensure stable and reliable performance. It is recommended to use a power supply with a wattage rating that exceeds the card’s requirements to maximize its potential.


I want to present my review of the Asus RTX 4090 tough gaming OC simply because I have already tested it I did test it before all of the power adapter news broke out and it is actually a very good card so I think it is worth presenting the data that I have already gathered it’s got a lovely aluminum shroud there’s also dual bio support and a 45 megahertz Factory overclock.

Design dimensions and weight overview

the design of the card then the Asus tough gaming OC is without a doubt the most premium feeling partner card that I have seen so far thanks to its incredibly well-built aluminum shroud it honestly makes a massive change from a lot of the rather plasticky cars

We already tested and it really is a night and day difference versus the gigabyte gaming OC and it’s just something I think helps set the tough gaming apart from the competition of course the metal shroud does add weight and the Tough Gaming is the heaviest card I have tested so far coming in at just over 2.3 kilos on my scales taking that into account Asus

IT include a small support beam in the box which is height adjustable it is admittedly very basic but it gets the job done it doesn’t require any screws or assembly so I can’t really complain as for the overall size of the car then it measures in at 348.2 by 150 by 72.6 millimeters that actually means it’s the longest RTX 4090 I have tested so far though it’s not quite as thick as the gaming OC but it is still over a three and a half slot design.

Fans, backplate and airflow

Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023
Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 3

Asus rtx 4090 includes three of their axial tech fans and each of these measures 105 millimeters across Asus also claims a 23 increase in airflow due to the upscaled size of these fans compared to the prior generation it’s also worth noting that the central fan does spin in Reverse relative to the altitude something we have seen from a number of gigabyte graphics cards over the last two generations and this simply helps to reduce airflow turbulence, therefore, increasing airflow pressure down into the heatsink.

we also get a full-length black metal backplate but with a 10-centimeter cut out towards the end of the card to allow air to flow directly through the heatsink the Dual bios switch is also positioned on the back of the card with a choice of either the performance or the quiet bios

now both of these modes are actually identical in terms of their clock speed and power limits but the only difference comes in terms of the fan curve we will test both of these modes later in the review there’s a touch of RGB Lighting on the card too with the tough logo and a small LED strip on the side of the card lighting up once powered on this is quite a low-key approach so if you really love RGB

RGB & display outputs overview

rgb and display output
Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 4

when looking at the display outputs we actually have a total of five so there are two HDMI 2.1 and then three DisplayPort 1.4 now you can still only use a maximum of four at any one time but I still think it’s a nice touch and it gives you that added flexibility to have the extra HDMI 2.1 Port which may be useful depending on your monitor and TV setup moving on to take the card apart than before we do take a look at the PCB

Disassembly Overview

disassemble the card first of all the aluminum shroud can actually be removed from the car god without unscrewing the heatsink so this simply means if one of the fans breaks and you need to change it you don’t actually have to take the card completely apart just to get to the Shroud so in my perspective that is a consumer-friendly move from Asus.

Asus is also using small latches on the fan and RGB headers something I absolutely love to see and it’s surprisingly rare many times you actually have to be careful with these headers as they use kind of tiny locking mechanisms and if you’re not careful you can end up pulling the entire plastic header off from the PCB with the tough gaming OC then you simply need to release the small clip and the header.

PCB and cooler overview

pcb and cooler
Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 5

The PCB itself than the first thing to note is actually how short it is compared to the card’s total length I actually measured the Shroud extending past the PCB by about 13cm centimeters with that said we can see that Asus is using an 18 phase vrm for the GPU with 70 amp Infineon tda21570 misfits while the memory vrm is four-phase this time using 50 amp Fisher sic639 misfits a Monolithic Power Systems mp2 Triple Eight a controller is used for the GPU vrm and there’s a UPI up9512 controlling the memory vrm as for the cooler.

this is another Vapor chamber design with a shared base weight that contacts both the GPU and the memory modules and this sits on top of eight heat pipes five measuring eight millimeters thick and three measuring six millimeters thick one thing I did notice however about the cooldown is in regard to the width of the thermal pads basically I was just actually taking a look at the PCB and I noticed it seemed like for the four memory modules on the right of the GPU they didn’t appear to be completely covered by the thermal Padas

Memory And thermal pad test

The thermal pad imprint didn’t extend all the way to the edges of the modules themselves sure enough the thermal pad used to contact those four memory modules is actually visibly narrower than the one on the other side and you may be able to tell just by looking at this b-roll clip but I did also get my digital caliper out and I found that the pads on the left side measures about 13 millimeters wide compared to just over 11 millimeters for the one on the other side

this is a massive issue though we will take a look at memory thermals later in the video I’m just not really sure why Asus wouldn’t use two thermal pads of the same width just to make sure that the memory modules themselves are completely covered but there we go it’s just something I noticed and I wanted to point it out the final thing to say then is we can also see that thermal pads are used on the underside of the back plate just to help draw out a bit of extra heat from the back of the memory modules

Tasting Asus rtx 4090

as well as the VRM moving on then to our testing of the card itself for this we are of course using our regular GPU test system for 2022 and this is powered by MSI this uses an Intel I9 12900k CPU paired with the MSI Meg z690 unified motherboard and we also have 32 gigabytes of a data xpg Lancer ddr5 memory clocked at 6000 megahertz

for all of our testing, MSI mpd321 urid 4k monitor was used to kick off our thermal performance then here we are testing both the performance and the quiet bios as expected the performance bios runs the coolest of the two and it does deliver good results with a peak GPU temperature of 65.2 degrees though the hotspot result is more middling with a peak of 78.3 degrees the quiet bios does run a fair bit warmer even than the Nvidia Founders Edition

Acoustics and thermals of gaming rtx4090

Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 6

but as we shall see it is significantly quieter as for memory thermals then it has to be said the tough gaming is quite middle of the road I really was hoping for slightly better until that is I disassembled the card we can see a peak of just 74 degrees using the performance bios and that is well within safe limits it’s not going to cause any problems and even the quiet bios Peak reading of 82 degrees is still cooler than NVidia’s found position that being said compared to the likes of the inner 3D x3oc and particularly the gigabyte gaming OC

Noise-normalized of Asus rtx 4090

the tough gaming does lag behind somewhat and I wonder just how much of this is parked to the thermal pads not fully covering the memory modules thankfully though noise levels are very competitive the performance bios is of course the loudest of the two with the fans ramping up to 1620 RPM producing 39 decibels of noise.

the quiet bias however drops fan speed significantly down to just 12 10 RPM and that actually produced the lowest amount of fan noise for any RTX 4090 we have tested so far hitting just 34 decibels on our sound meter as for noise normalized thermals here we increase the fan speed up to 1780 RPM to hit 40 decibels this saw the tough gaming come in at just over 64 degrees on the GPU so it’s a couple of degrees cooler than the gigabyte gaming OC and not much hotter. the no3d x30c That said the palette game lock OC continues to impress and it actually gives the best results of any air-cooled card

Power consumption and clock rate

for power consumption, this is also as expected considering the tough gaming operates with a 450-watt power limit out of the box of all the 4090s I’ve tested only the MSI Supreme Liquid X has actually increased the power limit out of the box because of that clock speed behavior is very similar to the other 1490s with the performance bios averaging 2760 megahertz over our 30-minute stress test while the quiet bios averaged 2738 megahertz due to its slightly higher operating temperatures.

which does affect the dynamic boost algorithm keeping that clock speed information in mind it’s honestly not a surprise to see gaming performance is basically the same as every other 4090 we’ve tested the tough gaming was never more than one percent faster than the Founders Edition.

game standards Benchmark

over the five games we tested though that is still not a bad thing as we know the RTX 4090 can turn out incredibly High frame rates just don’t expect a huge leap forward compared to the founders the good news for overclocking enthusiasts though is that the tough gaming does actually allow you to increase the power limit

all the way up to 600 watts so it gives you that 33 power limit increase using something like MSI afterburner my best result came when adding 200 megahertz to the GPU core and 1675 megahertz to the gddr6x memory this saw the average operating clock speed increase up to 2955 megahertz.

Overclocking of ASUS rtx 4090

Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 7

in some games tested, it could hit closer to 23 gigahertz leading to relatively decent gains in the titles we retested with performance increases in the six to eight percent region though that is exactly what we’ve come to expect from overclocking the 4090 as a whole overall then there is a lot to like about the Asus RTX 4090 tough gaming OC and we have to say is definitely up there as one of my favorite AIB cards that we have tested.

Tasting rtx 4090 with these components

Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023
Asus Tuf 4090 Review: Next-Level Gaming Experience 2023 8

CPU: Intel Core i9-12900K

Motherboard: MSI MEG Z690

Unify Memory: 32GB ADATA XPG Lancer DDR5 6000MHz CL40

CPU Cooler: MSI CoreLiquid S360

SSD: 2TB MSI Spatium M.2 SSD

Power Supply: Corsair HX1200

Case: MSI MPG Velox 100P Airflow

Monitor: MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD

Price Comparison

  1. Amazon: As one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon offers a wide range of products, including the TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090. The price on Amazon may vary depending on factors like seller and availability. At the time of writing, the approximate price range for the RTX 4090 on Amazon is $1,899.99
  2. Walmart: Another popular online retailer, Walmart, also provides the TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 for purchase. Similar to Amazon, the price on Walmart’s website may fluctuate based on seller and stock availability. Currently, the estimated price range for the RTX 4090 on Walmart is $1,799.99
  3. Asus Store: For those who prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer, the Asus Store offers the TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090. Purchasing from the official store ensures authenticity and direct support from the brand. The price on the Asus Store is generally competitive with other retailers. As of now, the approximate price range for the RTX 4090 on the Asus Store is $1,999.99


so far a large part of this is undoubtedly down to the aluminum shroud in my opinion a lot of RTX 4090s just don’t live up to the premium feel that you’d expect considering the price point but the tough gaming absolutely Nails this and is right up there with the founders Edition in terms of the premium build quality cooling performance

as well is very solid it’s impressive out of the box and while it can’t quite match the palette game Rock OC in terms of the noise normalized thermals it’s not not far off the out-of-the-box memory temperatures though weren’t quite as good as I was expecting especially having just tested the gigabyte gaming OC

as we showed earlier in the video at least part of this may be due to the use of a narrow thermal pad which doesn’t fully cover some of the memory modules but that being said the temperatures are still well within safe limits so I wouldn’t say it was a major concern just something for Asus to improve on next time factoring in the Dual bios as well with the quiet mode producing the lowest noise levels of any RTX 1490 we have tested so far and clearly there is a lot to like here with the Asus tough gaming OC and it really doesn’t have any major weaknesses.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the RTX 4090 worth it for gaming?

Absolutely! The RTX 4090 offers unparalleled gaming performance, allowing you to play the latest games at maximum settings without compromise. Its advanced features like ray tracing and DLSS enhance the visual quality and provide a more immersive experience.

2. How much power does ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 use?

Under typical gaming loads, the RTX 4090 consumes approximately X watts of power. It is important to ensure you have a robust power supply that meets or exceeds the card’s requirements for stable and reliable performance.

3. Who should buy RTX 4090?

The RTX 4090 is targeted towards gamers and professionals who demand top-of-the-line performance and visual fidelity. If you want to play games at 4K resolution with maximum settings or work with graphics-intensive applications, the RTX 4090 is an excellent choice.

4. What are the benefits of RTX 4090?

The benefits of the RTX 4090 include unparalleled gaming performance, immersive ray tracing, DLSS technology for higher frame rates, future-proofing, and advanced cooling solutions.

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